DMR Features Private Call and Text Messaging

At Metrotalk, we’ve created a series of videos showing some of the features DMR Digital two-way radios offer that analog two-way radios don’t.


The first video is about the DMR feature named Private Call. When using DMR radios, you can make private calls to one user or to a group of users. You can also take advantage of the feature Caller ID to identify the user calling, or the user you want to call. Below is the link for the video.



The next set of videos included in this post are about using Text Messaging on DMR two-way radios and the types of messages available. Users have the option to use canned text messaging, which are those programmed into the radio and customized to the radio users’ preference, or free style messaging, where radio users type their own message.


Each two-way radio manufacture limits the number of characters allowed per message and the number of canned messages. For those users willing to take advantage of free style messaging, a radio with a display and full keypad is needed. Below are the links to these videos.


DMR Text Messaging Introduction


DMR Canned Text Messaging


DMR Freestyle Text Messaging


Let us know if you want to know more about these or other DMR Two-way radio features.

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