A Guide to Tait Speaker Microphones & Other Accessories

The Tait TP3 handheld radio is an excellent piece of equipment just on its own. It is both dust and waterproof. It neatly fits in most hands and has a comfortable weight. The screen allows for simple and efficient text communication, in addition to voice transmission. Those are only a few features and benefits.

While we could go on, this article is a spotlight for all the accessories that further enhance the TP3 user experience. From Tait speaker microphones and headsets to chargers and antennas, we will cover plenty of high-quality TP3-compatible products below.

Light-Duty Tait Speaker Microphone

As user-friendly as Tait’s radios may be, pulling them out and speaking directly into them may not be convenient in every situation. Connecting a Tait speaker microphone can help with that. The two-way speaker, only about 2 inches in width and three inches in length, is easy to pick up and use.

The light-duty version of the Tait speaker microphone comes with a couple of additional useful features. The cord extends to a full 50 centimeters, or approximately 19.68 inches, which offers more versatility. You can also attach an earpiece through the built-in jack, including the two following Tait accessories.

Ear Hook Earpiece for Speaker Microphone

Different people will have different preferences for earpieces, and they can be quite sensitive and picky. After all, if one must use them for work, they want their ears to feel as comfortable as possible. One popular option is the ear hook earpiece , featuring a curling protrusion behind the speaker that hooks around the ear.

An option in this style is available for Tait radios. The product only features one speaker, but its design is versatile enough that one can wear it on either ear. It should be long enough and comfortable enough for most users to enjoy.

Tait In-Ear Clear Tube for Speaker Microphone

Those who find ear hooks too abrasive and heavy on the skin to wear for long periods can pick from alternate options. The Tait in-ear clear tube , also compatible with the company’s speaker microphones, is a simple yet effective one. Just stick the rubber bud into your canal and it should hold steady.

The “clear tube” part of the name refers to its distinct appearance. The tube that ties the earbud to the microphone connector is transparent, allowing one to see the wires that make communications possible. The whole piece is easy on both the eyes and the ears.

Lightweight Behind-the-Head Headset

For something totally different, just take a look at the lightweight behind-the-head headset . Like the other earpieces described above, it connects to TP3s, as well as a variety of Tait handheld radio models. Where it differs is in the rest of its design, which wraps most of the wire — say it with us — behind one’s head.

This approach may be preferable to those who want to keep their wires out of the way. Other built-in features make it all the more convenient to use. They include a flexible boom microphone, a finger mount push-to-talk (PTT) button, and even a lapel clip.

Wired Finger PTT

Speaking of PTT, one accessory for Tait radios pushes portability to the limit. The wired finger PTT tool consists of two parts. One is the actual radio, which can clip to one’s clothing near one’s mouth. The other is the namesake feature, a device with a single button to control communications.

Both are linked with a 43-inch wire, which Tait advertises as being able to run under one’s sleeve for discretion. Once you connect it to your TP3 via Bluetooth, you gain access to a whole new and potentially more convenient way of talking.

2000mAh Li-Ion Battery

Describing something as an accessory usually carries the connotation that this something is superfluous. One could use that word for the 2000mAh Li-Ion battery . After all, Tait radios already come packaged with their own power source of this exact type. Why would one need an extra?

Well, one does not need it until they do. Batteries only run for so long before they run out of juice. Without any fully-charged ones on standby, the radio would stay out of commission until its sole battery refills. Having a few more at hand allows for continuous operation and communication.

Single & Six-Unit Charger

Tait radios come with batteries, but they do not usually package the chargers for the batteries as well. This has the curious effect of making said chargers both an accessory and an essential. Unless you enjoy throwing away reusable products after a single battery life, you need one of these.

The real question is which one you will choose. The single charger for TP3 series is just as the name suggests: a port where one Tait TP3 radio battery can get a refill. The six-unit charger for TP3 series allows for even more batteries to recharge at the same time, which may be better for large teams.

Whip Antenna & Stubby Antenna

There are two types of antennas, at least for TP3 radios. Stubby antennas are shorter and thicker. Whip antennas are thinner and substantially longer, often with a wider base that tapers. The former may be more convenient to store a radio on one’s person. The latter may be more reliable across longer distances.

While the two types of antennas may seem quite different, they have much in common where it counts. Tait’s high-quality versions of each can cover the same frequencies at the same costs. It really can come down to personal preference.

Belt Clip

No list of accessories for any handheld radios would be complete without the trusty belt clip. Attach this to your device and you can easily keep this device on your belt — or anywhere on your person that it can clasp. Do we need to say more? It is a belt clip.

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