RCA RDR23X5 Series

RCA RDR23X5 series: RDR2325 AND RDR2385

The RCA RDR23X5 series from RCA Communications are rugged alternatives for the customer that needs an easy to use yet dependable two-way radio. Meeting the DMR Digital Standard, the RDR2325 and RDR2385 handheld radios are compatible with all brands meeting the same DMR standard. They will seamlessly work with your present radios either in analog or digital mode. With a compact design measuring 4.5" tall and weight-saving components, these two-way radios weigh under 16 ounces, yet offer 14+ hours of talk time. Size and weight mean nothing if the radio can not stand up to the day-to-day stress users will subject it to.

RDR23X5 Series Ruggedness

Most handheld radios at the RDR23X5 series price range make do with and IP (Ingress Protection) rating of 54. The RDR2325 and RDR2385 meet the better IP65 rating. In IP ratings the first digit is protection against solids and the second digit against liquids.

IP65 has the following definition:

1st digit 6 = Totally protected against dust.

2nd digit 5 = Protected against low pressure jets of water from all directions, limited ingress permitted.

IP54 has the following definition:

1st digit 5 = Protected against dust limited ingress, no harmful deposits.

2nd digit 4 = Protected against water splashed from all directions, limited ingress permitted.

RDR23x5 Series Main Features

Rugged and light are useless if the two-way radio does not have the features customers need. The RDR23X5 series two-way radios stand above the competition. These radios feature a standard 16 channel knob and channel capacity of 32 channels for the RDR2325 and 1000 for the RDR2385. With a loud 1W speaker, calls can be heard in even the noisiest environment. The RDR23x5 series offer multiple buttons that can be programmed to a set of customer friendly features and functions, such us one touch call, encryption, VOX on/off (voice activated transmit) The RDR23x5 series feature an orange top button that can be set to activate an emergency alert. Most competitors only offer this special button in high-end two-way radio models.

RDR2385 Special Features

The RDR2385 offers a full 16 key keypad and LCD display for the price that competitors charge for a display model with limited keypad. The display feature allows the user to see who is talking on the radio. By being able to see who is calling the user can respond to the group or privately to the caller.  The full keypad allows the user to send a canned or freestyle text message to other radio user by using the easy-to-follow menu.

Form, function, features and simplicity, all come together in the RDR23X5 series radios.

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